You are a legend. A Rayban Legend.

We are born legend.

We don’t need to start a revolution, to sacrifice our life or to be a president. The fact that we are alive and living the life we want to be already makes us special. Be thankful that you are breathing. Be grateful with the blessings you have because that is God’s way to make you feel like a legend.

We can be a legend in our own way. We can help our classmates in their assignments. We can give advice to a friend in need. We can help a fellow in crossing the street. In these simple acts we can be a hero. We can be a legend in someone else’s eyes.

But for me, the best way to be a legend is to become an inspiration to others. Be optimistic and spread positive vibes. Despite the challenges that may come your way, never think of raising the white flag. Always look at the bright side and let your friends, family, and colleagues be influenced with your positivity. You can start by flashing a bright, genuine smile. Your simple smile can brighten up someone else’s gloomy day.

So don’t forget to smile every time you go out and start feeling legendary!

For more happy thoughts and inspiration, check out Raleen Cabrera!



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