I thought this year would be a boring birthday since it has been like that the past years. Maybe because it’s always on a weekday. But this year is different and an unplanned one. Biglaan lakadsare the best.

Sausemo was almost complete and that’s rare like a steak. (Weh!) The Sausemo boys were also present. Haha! We ate at Paw’s ihaw-ihaw. Sulit na sulit ang unli rice. Totally had fun during the dinner, not to mention Beyonce was there to entertain us. 😛 We made fun of almost everything. I think we were laughing the time we stepped in until we went home. Then we, uhm, they had nomnoms at Leslene’s. Well, I can’t drink because I just had my anti-rabies injection that morning. Nice gift. So I watched them gulp on those shots. Inggit. We talked about I-wouldn’t-spill-out stuff. Of course, it wouldn’t be a complete Sausemo vandeng without asaran and bullying time. Haha. And though Mama was bugging me to go home already, I still had so much fun. It was a crazy, memorable birthday. Simple yet I so enjoyed it! I don’t wish for an extravagant celebration, I just need to be with these people and I’m more than contented.


I couldn’t think of any other people to spend my bye-bye-teenage-years-day with aside from them. ♥ Looking forward to more birthdays with Sausemo!

And thanks to everyone who greeted me! 🙂


Photos courtesy of Czha


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