Last Hoorah for Summer: Dive and Trek

The heat is still as hot as what’s summer supposed to be but the occasional drizzles remind us that rainy season is on its way.

So before summer ends, we had our probably (still wishing for more) last outing for 2013 at Dive and Trek, Bauan, Batangas. We woke up at 3:30 in the morning, making me nap the whole ride thus didn’t figured how we got there.

Before reaching the site, we had a 20-minute boat ride which was really cool, like you’re having your own ‘Life of Pi’ moment.



Once you enter the Dive and Trek resort, their accommodating staff will welcome you with their complementary drinks. I must say they have a helpful crew out there; they were constantly assisting us during our stay.


We basically snorkel ‘til we got tired, bonded with the fishes and explore the waters. It was a liberating experience to be up-close with the marine creatures, as in face-to-face with Nemo, Dory and the gang! Sorry we don’t have an underwater camera so I wasn’t able to capture it but I tell you, you should try it at least once in your life. I had a seriously fun time. I will forever remember this day!


If you don’t have snorkeling gears, no need to worry because you can borrow for Php 350. This includes vest, snorkel, goggles and booties that you can use the whole day. For the adventurous soul out there, they also have scuba diving package for around Php 2, 500.

And for the most important matter, they serve a sumptuous buffet lunch and merienda. Being the foodie that I am, I made sure the buffet is sulit haha!


It becomes low tide during afternoons so careful around the rocks as well as the slippery parts of the shore. I and my mom had a gasgas on our knees as we were swimming back to the land. Ouch!


Low tide when little spiky, cutesy sea urchins will show up. They only got revealed during low tide because they were at the bottom part of the water. Isn’t it weird that I find them cute hehe.


We went home at around 6:00 pm and the boat ride was a bit wavy but more thrilling. I like waves! It was such an enjoyable day and what a way to end the summer by crossing out snorkeling on my bucket list. Next time, I’ll go on scuba diving but ‘til then I have to save some bucks first!

 Hoping you all had a great summer ☺


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