Summer in Sagada

This has got to be one of those trips I’ll post a throwback picture soon because it was that great. Aside from it being the farthest, it was also the most amazing and coolest place (way to beat the hell of a heat that was) I’ve been this year.

Not in this post though was the Sumaging Cave adventure we did on day 1. I didn’t brought my camera inside. 😦  It was a fun caving experience that lasted for almost two hours. And you won’t feel eerie inside as there were other tourists as well.

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Banaue Rice Terraces View Point was the first on the list.
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Kiltepan Sunrise or a.k.a the Sea of Clouds, so majestic! This alone made the trip so worth it.

We went to Church of St. Mary the Virgin before going to Echo Valley. The church was all draped for a wedding happening later that afternoon.

The way through the Echo cho cho cho Valley.

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The famous Hanging Coffins of Sagada

We also dropped by the Sagada Pottery House.

This was probably the most challenging part of the tour, the more than 4-hour trek and at least a thousand steps to see the Bomod-Ok Falls! Thanks to the lush terraces and the wonderful view that made the trek less tiring. But I’ll never, ever, as in ever forget this place because it made a mark on me… Literally. A mark on my knees. #LampaProblems

Sagada Food Tour! 

If there’s one thing I’d truly enjoyed, it’s the eating part. 😀

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Etag – Igorot smoked meat

This Peppered Porkchop (which btw, stayed true to its name of being peppered. I’ve never tasted anything as peppered as this!) and Cookie Crumble Yogurt from Salt & Pepper were the first Sagada food that went in my tummy.

Never leave this place without having the Sagada Lemon Pie. I paired it with their Mountain Tea Milk as it was raining that night. Good combo to end a chilly night.
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And they’re selling this Wheat Bread with Cheese in Kiltepan. Grabbed one because I got hungry waiting for the sunrise, haha.
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The Banana Yogurt from Sagada Yogurt House hit the spot! It was tangy in a good way. Although I wasn’t able to finish it because we just had lunch.
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Who says no to (Dirty) Ice Cream?
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Loved this yummy Baby Back Ribs with Red Rice. I forgot where was this. 😦

We also tried Bana’s Cafe and Sagada Brew which were okay as well. There was also a newly opened French Crepe store. We got the Nutella Crepe and I say you can never go wrong with Nutella. Too bad we weren’t able to eat at the Strawberry House, it was closed by the time we went there. But one thing I noticed, the serving size of the food here was a lot bigger than what we’re used to and that’s a plus for me!

Also passed by the Highest Point of Philippine National Hi-Way on the way home. Greens, greens everywhere!

Before going back, we passed by Baguio for a strawberry overload ending to what has been a wonderful journey up north.


Booked our Sagada tour through Viajero Gabrielle Travel and Tour. 🙂


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